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Our design-forward approach to crafting an unforgettable experience means raving reviews, happy guests & a higher price per night.

Looking for home staging services?

Air BnB Design Rough Diamond Staging
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

This is For You if You Need:


Advice on Renovations & Updates

We can provide expert advice on finishes and fixtures, backed by years and years of in-the-trenches experience and formal design training. We'll help steer you toward the most epic choices for your goals and budget!


Great Designs Without The Ego.

We aren't like those designers. You know the type who think they know better than every contractor on earth and wears heels to the jobsite? Yeah, that's definitely not us. We're more at home in jeans covered in sawdust.


Sourcing, Styling, and Installation

Whether you just need our expert advice for now, or a fully hands-on install of décor and contents, we're your girls. We'll meet you where you're at with both budget and experience to maximize our impact on your rental.


Help With Branding & Copy

We have many years of experience developing brand visuals and writing copy for both ourselves and others. (For example, we do all our own graphic design, which means we created this entire site you're enjoying!)

We'd be happy to help you develop an over-arching theme for your property, a name, a marketing 'angle', and even help write the copy for your Air BnB/VRBO listing!


Masterfully Curated Contents

In addition to the furniture & décor, we can provide the selection & installation of contents (from TVs to sheets & towels!) to wow your target guests. Book a lot of foodies? We'll compile a dreamy kitchen full of tools and appliances. Just need the basics? We know exactly what your specific guests will need, and what they won't.

Your dream rental is in good hands.

Hi friend! We're Amy & Jes - business partners, soul sisters, and the staging & design team of your dreams.

We love brainstorming with our clients until we create a unique vision that can belong only to their project. This isn't just our job - it's our passion, and we get just as excited every single time we start a new design!

We're believers in this: The rental you share with your guests will elevate them above everyday life, and inspire them to truly relax and savor their lives & time with their loved ones.

We accept nothing less than dreamy.

We’d love to work with you to bring your property to life and create a welcoming, authentic getaway that's as unique as you are.

Amy & Jes Rough Diamond Staging

We promise to care about your dream just as much as you do.



With formal interior design training and years of combined experience, we can handle anything you throw at us.



We value honesty and integrity, and we'll treat your property like it's our own. We're all in, brains, hearts, and souls.



It's your vision, we're here to help you make it reality. No egos included. We want everyone to win!



We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction, and do everything we can to wow you with the finished product.

What clients say:

I not only look for an eye for design, but for people who can stay on time and on budget.

It's rare to meet a business that does it all!

They are absolute rock stars and true gems to work with.

Madison M.

Everything from initial consultation, the communication in between, to show time was flawless.

Their execution, teamwork, and passion are something enjoyable to be a part of. Look no further for your staging and design needs!

Crystal R.

These two can help craft someone’s dream design when they can’t even fully explain what that is. They took me through the whole process of discovering my design style, but the best part is that they work with your vision. Not the vision they prefer!

Super helpful, fun, and knowledgeable. I 100% stand behind this team.

Sarah T.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

PACKAGES for all types of projects:

We know everyone is starting this STR journey from different places. Whether you’re a long-time veteran investor or this is your very first property rental, there’s a package perfect for your needs.

Each package is a starting point to help you envision how far your budget can take you, but every single quote is custom because we believe that the details really really matter, so our designs and packages are tailored exactly to your needs every single time.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging


Our full-service treatment

We'll give you expert design recommendations including updates to fixtures & finishes like lighting, paint colors, flooring and more.

Once you or your contractor has implemented the changes, we'll come in and totally transform your space with gorgeous on-trend furniture, décor, and contents.

We'll handle everything from the sheets to the vacuum cleaner to the photos, and we'll book an amazing pro to shoot the property.

We'll even help you develop your brand, marketing tone, and copy for your rental!

Let us create a magical experience for your guests so that it translates to dollars in your pocket!

  • Charge Top Dollar
  • Get Superhost Status & Rave Reviews
  • Ahead-of-the-Curve Furnishings & Décor
  • Expertly Curated Contents
  • Ideal for Brand New Rentals

Starting at $18,000


For simpler properties & goals

Our designs are always current and prioritize aesthetics, but if you're not looking to rent on Air BnB or VRBO and just need the basics, this package is for you.

We can source & install everything from furniture to curtains to coffee makers, and we'll have the property photographed by a pro.

If you'll be renting to longer-term professionals or for insurance use, this is an excellent choice.

We'll make sure the home has everything it needs, and nothing it doesn't - to be ready for a family to truly live in for an extended period of time.

  • Simple, Sturdy Furnishings
  • Light Layer of On-Trend Accessories
  • Great for Quick Flips & Budget Properties
  • A Good Fit for Longer-Term Rentals
  • Ideal for Empty Properties

Starting at $15,000

Need Less?

If you have an existing rental and just need a little advice or a layer of magic added, we got you.


We'll rearrange and add a layer

We will assess your property and add a rich, thoughtful layer of new accessories, rearrange as needed, and photograph your shiny new short term rental so your renters rave!

You'll be amazed at what a new added layer can accomplish.

  • Perfect for Already Furnished Properties
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Great for Smaller Budgets
  • Sourcing & Installation Included

Starting at $3500


For DIYers and Starter Budgets

If you just need an assessment and a little love, this walk & talk package is for you.

We'll walk through your property, give you recommendations for improvements that you can implement as time and budget allows, and rearrange and tweak your existing décor to maximize your current design as time allows.

  • Tight Budget? No Problem.
  • A Perfect First Step
  • Get Advice You Can Apply Over Time

Starting at $2500


Anyone who's ever watched a home show knows that great design sells.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Home Staging Experts Rough Diamond Staging Amy & Jes

The most trusted staging experts in Northeast Ohio with extensive experience in:

- Creating design-forward interiors that sell

- Designing for the psychology of guests

- Space Planning
- Finish & fixture selection
- Working with all types of clients & projects


Smaller Budget? No Problem.

Whether you need hands-on help today or a long-term plan you can implement yourself, we can help!


Thoughtful Touches. Unique Experiences. Inspiring Designs.


the walkthrough

Rough Diamond Staging

We walk through your property to get an idea of the scope of what we can help with and give you an informal estimate or price range we expect your property to fall into.

We can do this with you and/or your Realtor or property manager, or alone with a lockbox code - whichever you prefer.


the quote

Rough Diamond Staging

If our rough estimate aligns with your goals & budget, we'll put together a formal quote and get to work on any specific design recommendations you need for your property such as fixtures & finishes.

This can take us anywhere from 48 hours to a week or more depending on the scope of your project.


finalization of details

Rough Diamond Staging

We present our quote to you via email, recorded video, and/or a live meeting or call where we walk you through the details of our quote and design plan.

At this stage we will finalize the scope of your project, get your approval of our mood board for the property, and nail down the list of included contents.


you sign & pay

Rough Diamond Staging

Once you sign off on the details of your quote, we will send an invoice for 80% of your total fee, with the remaining 20% due upon the final day of our install.

We usually need 1-2 weeks to shop and install, with at least 1 week advance notice to make sure we have room on our calendar. Installation dates are as available.


time to shop!

Stage Your Own Home

Once we receive your wire transfer for 80% of the total invoice we begin shopping.

We start with the biggest and hardest to find items or items that will take time to be delivered. We then fill in all the finishing touches and prep and store it all at our warehouse.

Sometimes large items like sofas will be delivered directly to your property which we will coordinate and accept in person.


schedule the install

Once you've completed any work, painting, or cleaning the property needs, we can officially schedule your installation.

We usually load in all the furniture on days 1-2 of the installation, and spend the next few days refining and filling in the details.

A typical installation lasts 5-7 days but can be more or less depending on the scope of your project.


photos & copy

Rough Diamond Home Staging

Finally we'll have the property photographed by a pro, and even help you write the copy for your Air BnB listing if you wish, all while you continue to sit back, relax, and worry about zero of the details.

The photos you receive will be full of wide shots to show the rooms and how they fit together, along with fun details and IG-worthy closeups to use in your marketing & socials. Our primary goal is to get shots that make people say 'I want to stay there!'


time to rent!

do less make more

Once we receive your final 20% payment, we will deliver your photos to your inbox.

Now that you have a gorgeously styled property, scroll-stopping photos, and fun descriptive copy to draw renters in, it's time to rent that bad boy and start making some of your investment back!

We love to get feedback on our designs and how renters and using and loving them, so be sure to keep in touch after our work is done.

Why Stagers > Interior Designers

As expert home stagers, we're uniquely suited to short term rental design! Interior Designers are used to styling for homeowners and contractors.

They work slowly & methodically, hold your hand along the way, give hands-off directions from a desk, and don't ever have to think about ROI.

Home Stagers however are experts at fast-paced design installs, and are wizards at maximizing a budget.

Our B2B dynamic makes us a perfect fit for investors looking for a drama-free experience and a healthy return on investment, without all the annoying fluff.

Air BnB Design STR Design Amy and Jes Rough Diamond Staging
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

How can we help you make a profit?

From Maximalism to Mid-Century Modern and everything in between, we can work with your style & goals.

Packages from $2500 & up

Ready To Stand Out & Get More Bookings?

Let’s see if we're a match made in heaven:



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