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Amy & Jes Rough Diamond Staging

Due to a full schedule with Airbnb Design, we are not currently taking on new home staging projects.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, and wish you so much luck in your home sale!

Amy & Jes Rough Diamond Staging


Our packages are to give you an idea of our pricing, but ultimately every quote is custom since every home needs slightly different staging to look its best.

That's why our quotes are always free!

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

staging consult: $350

  • 2-hr walk & talk
  • homeowner takes notes
  • expert advice on furniture & finishes
  • increase salability

Get direct access to our years of staging and listing prep experience!

This is the best way for occupied homes to benefit from our staging expertise.

Great for Realtors to include in every listing packet! Let us walk your sellers through prepping the house to sell.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

staging fluff: $400

  • accessories only
  • emphasis on kitchen & baths
  • wreath, welcome mat & mantle décor
  • 30-day term with option to renew

This is the smallest staging package we offer, and is great for investor fix-and-flips and super tight budgets that just need a little fluff!

Best for homes 2,000 sq ft. & smaller.

Vacant properties only.

Quick turnarounds available! Don't skip staging just because you have a small budget or short timeline.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

Our most popular staging package!

slim staging: $1700

  • living room (1 zone)
  • dining room (4-person)
  • kitchen accessories
  • baths
  • 30-day term

Everything you need and nothing you don't! This $1700 package is slim and trim but still gets the job done without breaking the bank. It's our clients' fav!

Best for homes 2,000 sq. ft. & smaller.

Vacant properties only.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

basic staging: $2000

  • living room (1-2 zones)
  • dining room (4-6 person)
  • kitchen accessories
  • primary bedroom
  • baths
  • 30-day term

If you're looking to feature a bedroom or just add some extra oomph to your staging, this package is for you.

Best for homes 2,000 sq. ft. & smaller. 

Vacant properties only.

Or, if none of our packages are the right fit, get a custom quote.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

custom stagings: variable $

  • ​​​tailored to your space
  • price typically ranges from $1850-$3500 & up
  • 30 to 90-day terms available

If none of our pre-planned packages suit your project, we'll create a custom quote tailored exactly to your listing or property.

Great for homes larger than 2,000 sq ft, or properties with extra rooms that you want or need staged such as offices, ​in-law suites, or family rooms.

We've staged everything from $65 bungalows to multi-million dollar mansions, and on a case by case basis we will even stage huge projects that have some existing furniture that we can work in.

Contact us today to see if we're a good fit for your project:

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

We're here to help.

​​Our aim is to provide an unbeatable experience at an unbeatable value, and to make you proud of your home.

​​Every home we work in gets the same star treatment. We always give it our best because we love our town and our clients, and we want you to feel just as excited as we do about the amazing potential in your listing!

Our Home Staging Service Area

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design
Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

" Their service is truly exceptional!! They are super nice and very easy to work with. The finished house always looks amazing. This will be the only staging company I use. Highly recommended! "

-Ying He, Realtor

How Staging Can Make You Moolah:

Staging isn't a cost, it's an investment with a healthy ROI when used correctly.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design


Anybody who's ever watched a home show already knows that good design sells.

Because of things like HGTV and social media, today's typical buyer has much higher expectations than they used to, and is much more willing to pay for a move-in ready home.

Staging is the cherry on top that indicates to a buyer's subconscious mind that the home is turn-key, inspiring faster offers.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design


Make the purpose of each room crystal clear so buyers can easily see if the home works for their needs.

It's much easier to remember 'that cute little bungalow with 3 bedrooms, a play room and an extra office' than an empty home with empty rooms.

Staging takes the guesswork out of it and cements your listing in their memory.

That's how bidding wars are born, baby! Staging makes them absolutely obsessed with the house.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design


Staging shows buyers the scale of rooms both in pictures and in-person, which makes it easier for them to imagine living there!

91% of buyers have a very hard time picturing their furniture in an empty home.

Make the size of rooms obvious by adding size-appropriate furniture and see faster, bigger offers!

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design


Help buyers see the potential in your listing!

Elevating the décor in your listing translates to a faster sale and higher, more competitive offers.

In today's hyper-visual aesthetic-driven world, it's no wonder buyers go wild for staged homes!

Rough Diamond Staging Akron Ohio Canton
Home Staging Akron/Canton Ohio

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

Much of staging is about introducing contrast with the empty home's décor.

If the property is full of hard surfaces and white/grey paint colors, we'll add warmth, color, and texture.

If it's all warm wood trim and red walls, we'll bring crisp whites and greys to contrast!

It's all about finding a perfect balance that will photograph best and appeal to the most buyers.

Rough Diamond Staging

Well-staged homes make today's buyers feel like they're on HGTV.

We're known for our insta-worthy details like a set dining room table, a well-crafted tray styled with wine glasses elegantly perched on a bed, or a cleverly decorated walk-in-closet.

We don't pull punches - staging brings the drama, and buyers absolutely love it!

Some stagers don't like details that feel 'too staged' but our belief is that buyers are smart and can tell when a home is staged anyway, so we might as well have fun and create gorgeous moments for them.

Staging often features neutrals. but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring.

Unlike typical staging companies, you won't find boring rental furniture, all white & grey inventory, dated décor, or predictable cookie-cutter styling in our stagings.

Our designs are all about staying current, pushing the envelope, and moving Northeast Ohio toward the 21st century so that you get as much excitement and chatter about your listing as possible!

Rough Diamond Home Staging

We can adapt to almost any style - from funky to classic & everything in between!

We're wizards at mixing styles so that every single potential buyer that sees your listing can find something they like and connect with.

We typically stage with our own mix of mid-century modern, boho, scandi, modern farmhouse, organic modern, and a few splashes of other styles mixed in.

We never limit ourselves to just one, because people don't live in museums, and buyers will connect more to a varied design.

Rough Diamond Staging Air BnB Design

Rough Diamond Home Staging
Rough Diamond Staging

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying:

“As a real estate flipper I count on RDS to turn good spaces into AMAZING spaces. They always deliver and I consistently count on them to work magic!" 

Justin Carter, Investor

“I mean really, is there anyone else in Northeast Ohio that compares? Not only do they completely transform my vacant listings and help them to sell within hours on the market....they are kind & responsive and cater to your individual needs and those of your clients. Look no further.....Jes & Amy are your girls!"

Amanda Carter, Realtor

“Any time I have a vacant listing, they’re my first call. Sellers love that I add this as part of their listing plan. The furniture and décor shows beautifully on social media which I heavily rely on for my marketing. Everyone LOVES seeing a beautiful home with perfectly staged modern décor in the photos and when they view the home in person."

Daniela Morey-Loftin, Realtor

“I had listed the home previously without staging and while buyers indicated they liked the updates, they couldn't visualize how they would decorate and so the house sat. Post staging, we were under contract within two days of listing."

Jamie Hoadley, Investor

“Everything from initial consultation, the communication in between, to show time was flawless. Their execution, teamwork, and passion are something enjoyable to be a part of. Look no further for your staging and design needs."

Crystal Rivali, Homeowner

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